• studio229

    a production and post-production company

    Getting stories to screen and everything inbetween.
    What started in a dorm room in the mountains of Tennessee now brings Los Angeles a talented group of people dedicated to helping you realize your production, no matter the size.

    Specalizing in Production and Post Production for short films, commercials, and music videos, Studio229 serves the greater Los Angeles area and beyond by providing quality work at incredible prices.

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  • the people

    a few words about who we are

    Formed from small beginnings to do big things.

    S229 is headed by Joel Gerlach, a director and filmmaker with a background in visual effects for feature length films such as The Avengers, Prometheus and Xmen:First class. More information is on his IMDB.

    Joel is backed by the creative genius of Cobalt Cox, his friend and colleague who helped make Studio229 a reality. Cobalt is a graphic designer with a successful track record in running his own studio.

    Studio229 also uses talented freelance artists depending on a project's individual needs.

    the faces

    aren't they good looking?


    it's no wonder our projects are awesome.
    From pre-production to post-production and everything inbetween, Studio229 is determined to produce quality results for each job. After all, we are what we make.

    Now to the Story
  • The Story

    From humble beginnings come great things.
    The lengthy story behind Studio 229 that you totally don't need to read.

    In August of 2008, Joel and Cobalt were assigned a room in an old dorm at East Tennessee State University. There, in a 20 x 10 foot cinderblock cube, the boys began their studies, always dreaming of the day when they'd have their own studio. They jokingly referred to their dorm room, number 229, as being "Studio 229".

    Little did they know, that dream would become a reality.

    Fast forward several years. Joel leaves the visual effects studio where he worked for 1.5 years to start the company with Cobalt. Joel contacted his college and asked for that dorm room door, telling them that "No matter how big this studio becomes someday, I want to remember that it all started here."

    After many emails and conversations, the univeristy donated their old dorm room door to Studio229. It is now a constant reminder of both the vision of two young guys, and an ever-growing group of people who stand behind their dream.

    Time to risk it all
    After two years of working over the cloud, Cobalt and his wife decided to sell almost everything they had, get in a car, and move from Tennessee to Los Angeles. Now, the two friends and their wives live in LA, risking everything on the dream of running a company that is built not by influential investors, but brick-by-brick with the hard work of creative individuals willing to do what it takes to succeed.

    Now to the Future

  • The Dream

    The future of s229

    The company was founded on the principles of daring to try something that may or may not work. That's because we're not out to just get to the destination, we believe it's the journey to get there that's the exciting part. As a part of that journey, we have a few ideas that we're betting will help us succeed.

    Cloud-based artists

    Joel & Cobalt proved that talented artists can work remotely, independent of a brick and mortar studio. Because we choose to employ talented artists and utilize software solutions & delivery over the cloud, we reduce costs by keeping the company's internal overhead low. We instead pass on the extra to the artists who work so hard for us. They get a bigger paycheck, we avoid being drowned in our own overhead. It works.

    Invest in the next generation
    Often the barrier for entering the VFX industry is several years of experience. Many companies choose to overlook those with less experience because they want immediate, solid, dependable people. We look to invest in the overlooked portion of the workforce, knowing that talented young artists will be the future pioneers of the industry, and we want them on our side.

    don't stop
    Our VFX predessors have shown us that production ebbs and flows. We're not afraid of a little downtime; it gives us opportunity to invest in our own internal projects, keeping creativity alive.

    From script to screen and everything inbetween, Studio229 has the roots that it needs to grow big.

  • services overview

    what we offer

    Post Production
    Post work is one of the most important parts of your project. Studio229 can provide editing, add VFX elements or key out your green screen, and add motion graphics for a finishing touch. We work with you to integrate VFX into your footage or create entirely new environments, all fueled by your vision.

    Sometimes you just need a creative vision of what your idea might actually look like. We do that too, providing you with creative previsualization or concept art that gets your idea from your head onto paper.

    If Studio229 cannot adequately meet the demands of your projects, or if you need something specific, Studio229 uses its ever-growing network to get you the right people for the job.

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  • recent projects

    Studio229 Animates a new Search Engine's Promotional Video
    January 2015

    it was high time for another partnership with Knox Avenue Films, this time to create an animated promotional video for a new customizable search engine called Swiftype. Studio229 took Swiftype's existing backend website portal and brought it to life, creating a dynamic flowing video showcasing the highlights of the search engine's mechanics. The entire video was created in just a few weeks through many revisions and refinements, with hundreds of individually animated components all working together. The video is now a pinnacle piece on Swiftype's website.

    S229 helps make the 2014 SET AWARDS ceremony epic
    November 2014

    Not settling for just a slideshow presentation, Studio229 takes the EIC's Set Awards to another level. The team took the iconic SET Award shape and modeled it in 3D, using dynamic camera angles and revolving HDRI lighting to bring the golden award to life. Studio229 was honored to partner with the EIC to promote science and technology in film by donating this exciting intro to their awards ceremony, which happened in November, 2014.

    S229 works on a music video for Andrew McMahon & VEVO
    October 2014

    Working with director Olivier Agostini, Studio229 came in to do the background paint effects and stabilization to help make "Cecilia And The Satellite" visually stunning. From painting out crew & cars on the highway, to stabilizing quadcopter shots, and finally sending Cecilia's boat into the stars, Studio229 quickly delivered 12 shots within three days to meet the post-production schedule. The video (unable to be streamed here) can be seen on Vevo's youtube page.

    Studio229 creates opening ceremony video for global multistakeholder conference NETmundial
    April 2014

    Studio 229 was approached by the geniuses over at Knox Avenue Films for an ambitious project featuring the internet as if it was a human being, where the internet would be "born" as a baby, explore as a child, create as a teenager, and change the world as an adult. With limited time and budget, the Studio229 team set to the task of creating a whole world around the internet character. Filmed using a Microsoft Kinect and the RGBDToolkit, Studio229 filmed live actors, integrated them into a digital world, and created the effects and backgrounds surrounding the character as it progressed through each stage of its life. The opening video was used in the high-profile NETmundial conference that was held in Brazil on April 23-25, 2014.

    Studio229 creates VFX for General Electric aviation commercial
    September 2013

    Studio229 partners with General Electric and Leslie Iwerks Productions to create a dynamic airline route sequence. Starting with airline paths and then adding in a topographical map and photorealistic map, Studio229 created an immersive volumentric storm system that traps one of the airlines in its path. Studio229 also animated the Wright Flyer's diagrams and created the overlays for the airplane footage. All post production finished in just under three weeks.

    Studio229 builds complex opening Logo animation in 2 weeks
    June 2013

    Tasked to update a dated logo, Studio229 crew set out to make the Tigris Entertainment logo rise out of the water and have its outer shell fall off, revealing electronic components inside. Fluid simulation and falling blocks are no easy task, but even under a deadline, Studio229 finished the complex process in just two weeks.

    Studio229 creates epic solar space sequence complete with dark energy cloud
    May 2013

    Approached with storyboards for an epic sequence for a scifi film, Studio229 took on the challenge of creating a dark energy cloud orbiting around the sun, and a powerful comet that returns to its chaotic grip. Above are some excerpts from that sequence. Starting with concept art and progressing to final sequence, Studio229 created 10 shots in just over a month.

    Behind The Scenes: Particle Effect
    April 2013

    Studio229 is tasked with designing a fully dynamic dark energy cloud in orbit around the sun for a feature film. Here's a timelapse of a solar particle effect that was cut from the final element.

    Studio229 creates startup company GreyMob's promotional video
    April 2013

    Using graphical elements from their website, Studio229 designs and animates Greymob's promotional video, using text and images to convey the company's purpose and vision for helping other startup companies get their feet. Studio229 is proud to stand by GreyMob in helping the next generation of world-changers get their projects off the ground, and we look forward to working with GreyMob again!

    Studio229 edits webisodes for unique band assembled by youtube auditions
    March 2013

    Studio229 partners with YouTube's most famous drummer Cobus Potgieter to create an epic story of a 4-week recording period by a band assembled from YouTube auditions. Studio229 headed the entire post-production process, from band interviews to daily documentation, weekly webisodes, and editorial in the final documentary being released this summer. Check out the webisodes on Cobus' YouTube page.

    Exclusive VFX Behind-The-Scenes of "Sleep Tight"
    November 2012

    Check out the exclusive Studio229 behind-the-scenes for the epic "Spot the Differences" music video by Rhett & Link. Studio229 was able to complete the entirely-CG dollhouse and exterior in under two weeks, utilizing complex camera-projection and mapping techniques.

    Studio 229 works with YouTubers Rhett & Link on VFX-heavy Music Video
    November 2012

    YouTubers Rhett & Link use Studio229 to create a fantastical nighttime world in their "Spot the Differences" music video. Studio229 provided all the editing, motion graphics, and CG dollhouse for the project. Check out the original music video created in just two weeks.

    Studio229 is given a 1 hour time lapse and turns it into an awesome promotional video.
    October, 2012

    Studio229 was given an unedited hour's worth of footage and asked to make a 1 minute promotional video for Purdue Campus House. Working quickly, Studio229 developed a unique tilt-shift and depth-of-field effect to turn the static footage into an exciting, dynamic montage. Adding in some motion graphic elements to tell the story, the result was a powerful and effective advertising video.

    Studio229 creates short film for 48-hour Film Festival.
    August, 2012

    In its studio debut, Studio229 participated in the annual Los Angeles 48-hour film festival, creating a 7-minute film start to finish in just 48 hours. Joel Gerlach directed a motley crew of filmmakers to create a world in which the sun is going out and a woman is desperate to find her missing sister.

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    Studio229 VFX, LLC

    1601 W 168th St.
    Gardena, California 90247

    Email: contact@studio-229.com
    Facebook: Studio229VFX
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